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Major Functional Area

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Major Functional Area

Collection of conferred to revenue (tax and charges) , keeping accounts, centralized control and supervision.
Collection of revenue of taxes and charges conferred this department as per the financial statement passed by the Southern Provincial Council annually.
Implementation of working plans in achieving the collection targets given in the financial statement or exceeding the targets.
Making awareness among tax payers through mass media, interviews and by inspecting business premises and creating a self compulsion to pay taxes on a self assessment
Inclusion of tax evaders for tax purposes on the information received from the general public and on the information received from other institution.
Recovery of arrears, without delay, of the quarterly self- assessed taxes. Charges that evaded payments.
Obtaining. Distributing. Selling of revenue stamps required for transfer of immovable property and keeping the accounts relevant to that.
Release of stamp fees and court fines to Local Government Authorities.
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