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News News and Events || From 06.07.2023, The Review Board was established under Section 80 of Chapter xxv of the Financial Statute No. 07 of 1990 in the Southern Province. || Mrs. Tilishiya D.A. Gunasekara will take over as Provincial Revenue Commissioner on 12.10.2022. || Provincial Revenue Commissioner Mr. K.L. Ranjith Surasena retired on 10.10.2022 || Your opinion certificate can be obtained within 03 days. ||


While becoming the best provincial revenue department of tax collecting, extending hands to the development of the southern province by way of optimum tax collection.



Understanding the promotion of the public trust, in the revenue as system as priority and prompting the public to volunteer their compliance, agreeability and acceptance in their payments, while offering legal, just and courteous and dynamic service which enhance the development of the southern province. Further, prompting the accountability of the tax payer by discouraging the tax evasion and avoidance.


Our Values

  • Professional
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Equity
  • Transparency

Our Corporate Goals

  • Strengthening the Provincial Fund by making revenue collection more efficient
  • Cost deduction
  • Increasing the percentage of Collect Default Tax
  • Making a SMART Department

Tax Payable Accounts

Tax Name Institution that can make payments Tax Payable Accounts
Stamp Duty - At the time of attestation of the deed. Bank Of Ceylon 402478
Stamp Duty - At the time of attestation of the deed. Peoples Bank 013-1001-00021541
Rs. 250/- Paid for Opinion Certificate Bank Of Ceylon 72846484
Rs. 250/- Paid for Opinion Certificate Peoples Bank 013-1001-00021916
Default Tax - Stamp duty Bank Of Ceylon 402478
Default Tax - Stamp duty Peoples Bank 013-1001-00021541
Mineral Tax Bank Of Ceylon 402555
Drugs & Chemical Tax Bank Of Ceylon 402531
Fees under the Pawn brokers Statute Provincial Revenue Department - Cashier -
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