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Prize Competition Tax

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Prize Competition Tax

Definition There shall be charged on Effect From Rates Gazette Payment Revenue
Prize Competition Tax is charged under section 02 of the Finance (Supplimentary Provition) Statute of the Southern Province N0.02 of 1994
stampdutycharge There shall be charged on
*. Every Prize Competition conducted in accordance with any law within the southern province
stampdutyeffect Effect From
01 st January 2010
stampdutycal Rates
Total value of the prize Rate
Rs. Twenty five million (Rs.25m) or less 10%
More than Twenty five million (Rs.25m) 25%

stampdutygazzet Gazette
01 1639-2010-01-28-Prize Competition Tax Rate and Forms

stampdutypay Payment
* The prize competition tax imposed should be paid in each or by a bank draft to the Provincial Commissioner of Revenue, 14 days before the final date of entry to the competition or the competition whichever is earlier.
revenue Revenue

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