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Turnover Tax

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Turnover Tax

Definition There shall be charged on Effect From Rates Gazette Payment Revenue
Turnover Tax is charged under section 03 of the Finance Statute of the Southern Province N0.07 of 1990.
stampdutycharge There shall be charged on
*. When a kind of goods or material is sold within the Southern Province, a Turnover Tax at the rate of 1% and 5% is collected on the selling value of the item.
stampdutyeffect Effect From
1st January,1991
Discontinued from 01 st January, 2011
stampdutycal Rates
Gold, Gems, Jewellery, Furniture, Timber, Cigarette and Liquor -5%
other goods and materials -1%
stampdutygazzet Gazette
01 644/29- 1991.01.12 - Turnover Tax-Rates & Exempt, Stamp Duty-Revenue Stamp & Rates
02 929/21-1996-06-28-Turnover Tax-Rates & Exempt
03 954-1996-12-13-Turnover Tax-Rates & Exempt, Drugs & Chemicals Tax - Rates
04 1167/39-2001-01-19-Turnover Tax - Exempt
05 1372/10-2004-12-21-Turnover Tax-Rates
06 1382/22-2005-03-04-Gazette 1372/10, Effected Date
07 1384-2005-03-11-Turnover Tax - Exempt
08 1389/17-2005-04-20-Gazette 1382/22, Discontinued
9 1469/02-2006-10-30-Turnover Tax-Rates
10 1469/32-2006-11-02-Turnover Tax-Rates
11 1478/16-2007-01-04-Turnover Tax-Rates, Revenue Stamp Cancel

stampdutypay Payment
* Draw Cheques, Mony orders, Postal orders in favour of the PROVINCIAL REVENUE COMMISSIONER – SOUTHERN PROVINCE
* Complete Paying - in - slips in quadruplicate.
* Please quote your File Number and quarter in all Paying - in - slips.
* Forward the remittance and the paying – in – slips to any branch of the People's Bank of Galle/ Mathara/ Hambanthota district.
* If payment is made in cash Complete Paying - in - slips in quadruplicate and present to the any branch of the People's Bank of Galle/ Mathara/ Hambanthota district
revenue Revenue

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