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கமிஷனர் செய்தி

GLO0001As the Revenue Commissioner of Southern Province, I am profusely pleased of having an opportunity of conveying my well wishes, in a time where the Southern Province Revenue Department is vehemently trying their level best to achieve in improving their service for the stakeholders via web portal project.
This has been blessing to the all provincial council and would greatly benefit the people in all part of the country.
I take this opportunity to invite stakeholders and the general public to visit our web site and witness the latest development in Provincial Revenue Department of Southern Province.
I wish that this would help the development of the south and bring prosperity to the people of the southern area.
டி.டீ.ஏ. குணசேகர
அந்தரங்கமும் பாதுகாப்பும் பொறுப்புக் கூறலைத் தவிர்த்தல் தள ஒழுங்கமைப்பு கேள்விகளும் பதில்களும் காட்சியகம் பின்னூட்டம் உள்நுழைய